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Antivirus Software and Safe Online Behaviour - 2010 Outlook

Expecting a Virus Free World

The growth of internet technology has been growing with no-limit day-by-day and is embedded in almost all the devices ranging from computer, mobile phones and many more. In around 2010-2012 major antivirus companies needs to invest lot and lots to run the anti-virus software analysis. Hence it is so much complicated to control the emerging new threats but can be prevented by having adopted proper usage of the internet based on the previous studies. It’s simply the awareness is the need for hour for safe browsing online. It doesn't mean that only awareness is enough to safeguard the computer but also one need to buy a paid version of antivirus software or internet security software which is genuine, with regular updates. Might be you can visit www.virusbulletin.com to check who has passed the Antivirus Software tests.

Coming back to the topic - What is safe online behaviour?

Safe online behaviour is know before use. Below are few essentials that need to be followed for safe and secure online behaviour.

  • When you visit some 3rd party sites, check if the site is secure, before you provide your personal or confidential details.
  • Don't download anything from a website, which you don't trust to be genuine.
  • When visiting a banking check if the site is secured by a SSL certificate
  • When shopping online, check if the payment gateway or shopping cart is secured by SSL Certificate. (Now-a-days webhost providers themselves provide an option to purchase SSL certificate / ecommerce payment gateway if some one registers for certain domain if required.)
  • Unnecessarily don't use your yahoo or Gmail or msn email ids in some third party sites to send invites, until and unless the site is secure
  • When you are trying to access some banking sites   online, if the banker has provided a option to virtual keyboard use it - this is more safe, so that your password don't tapped by key loggers
  • See that you computer is password protected - i.e. When you switch-on the system it should prompt for a password. If it directly goes to the desktop - then check with your administrator or set-up yourself a password for you system
  • Its recommended not to save your passwords in your computer - if you still need to save lot many - then save it, but make sure you password protect file - It isn't much difficult task to remember a single password
  • Check if your computer firewall works properly and periodically run the virus updates
  • If you are using a Wi-Fi Wireless internet connection, switch it OFF when not in use
  • Don't open mails with suspicious attachment
  • Install the automatic windows updates provided the OS provider, hence universally windows service provider will provide new patches if there is any vulnerability found
  • Don't visit unethical sites, hence those sites may contain viruses or spyware, which can be automatically installed in the computer to cause trouble to your computer and transmit data to third parties
  • Have a Good Internet Security Software Installed in your computer

All the above points are taken from the experiences dating back in 2009 to get safeguarded in 2010.
Future Insights - 2010 - 2012

Antivirus virus software companies have been having a constant vigil on the prevailing viruses as well as upcoming malwares. It’s really going to be a tough time in the near future says internet security experts and bloggers. As said earlier internet has become a common medium all over world and is used in all the devices including computers, laptops, mobile devices etc, antivirus software companies need to design new versions of software which must be compatible with the new operating systems, devices and whatever it may be. As the technology grows, not only technical brains grow, but also the hacker’s brain grows too. So in the next few years there would be lots and lots new virus that would be let out, but still we all must believe that our antivirus techies would save us from all kinds of malwares - viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware any other kind of threat from this internet world. 

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year and a Virus Free 2010 ;)

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